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Canfield Bikes Yelli Screamy

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Yelli Screamy - 29" All Mountain

The first production 29er with sub-17-inch chainstays and a relaxed 67-degree head-tube angle, the Canfield Bikes Yelli Screamy changed the industry’s idea of what wagon wheels were capable of, inspiring countless imitations. Today’s Yelli is more refined than ever, but still begs to be ridden hard. Just because it’s a hardtail 29er doesn’t mean you should ride it like one. Learn More at our Archive Page.  (Scroll down to the Yelli Sceamy).


● 29″ All Mountain
● 6061 aluminum
● 68º head angle with a 120mm fork,
● 424mm chainstays
● 142x12 dropouts
● Improved clearances for easy set up of all chainring options
● Removable front derailleur mount
● Low toptube for maximum stand over height
● ISCG tabs
● Multiple anodized and powder coated colors available

Frame Packages: Add any combination of these products to your frame order and receive the combined discount from each option. Discounts will be reflected in your shopping cart.

Option #1 - Frame and Headset
Canfield Brothers Yelli and Headset
Add a Cane Creek 40 Series Headset to your frame order and receive the headset for $45, (regularly $62).
Cane Creek 40 Series Headset

Option #2 - Frame and Seatpost Clamp
Canfield Brothers Yelli Screamy and Clamp
Add a Canfield Bikes Seatpost Clamp to your frame order and receive the seatpost clamp for $15, (regularly $19).
Seatpost Clamp

Option #3 - Frame and Pedals
Canfield Brothers Yelli Screamy and Pedals
Add any of our Bikes Brothers Crampon Series Pedals to your frame order and receive a $20 discount on the package.
Crampon Pedals

Option #4 - Frame and Crank
Canfield Brothers Yelli Screamy and Cranks
Add a Canfield Bikes AM/DH Crank to your frame order and receive a $25 discount on the package.
AM/DH Cranks

Option #5 - Frame and Wheelset

Canfield Brothers Yelli Screamy and Wheels
Add a Canfield Bikes Wheelset to your frame order and receive a $150 discount on the package.

Option #6 - Frame and Dropper Post

Canfield Brothers Yelli Screamy and Race Face Dropper Post
Add a Race Face Turbine Dropper Post to your frame order and receive a $150 discount on the package.
Race Face Turbine Dropper Post

Option #7 - Yelli Screamy and DVO Diamond

Canfield Brothers Yeli Screamy and DVO Diamond

Add a DVO Diamond to your frame order and receive a $250 discount on the package.
DVO Diamond

Option #8 - Yelli Screamy and RockShox Pike
Canfield Brothers Yelli
Add a RockShox Pike to your frame order and receive a $360 discount on the package.
RockShox Pike RTC3

Option #9 - Yelli Screamy and MRP Stage
Canfield Brothers Yelli Screamy and MRP Stage
Add a MRP Stage to your frame order and receive a $244 discount on the package.
MRP Stage

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FAST, FUN, VERSATILE, and a STEAL Review by Chris
Is this the most capable frame for under 700$ brand new? (now 500$..NO QUESTION!)

I have ridden this bike on everything from Capt. Ahab in Moab to 60+ mile endurance races. I have logged 3500 miles on the frame since august 2016. It does it all: climbing, descending, technical, flow, pump tracks. If you can handle the terrain, it will handle the terrain. The bike likes speed and skill. The more you have of both the more rewarding this bike can be.

The bike fits WTB 2.8 and Maxxis 2.8's on I35 rims very easily with no rub for those who want more cush, but it also can run the biggest 29er tires as well with spare room. The cable routeing is well placed for a very clean looking build. It even can be run Single Speed without a tensioner with a 32tx21t setup. The bike climbs very well with the 140 fork up front. Don't shy away from that slack HTA! No wandering and amazing grip on steep grades. Check your #'s...there is not a frame on the market new that offers this performance and versatility at this price.

(Posted on 2/10/2017)
EPIC!!! Review by Daniel B
Epic is the word to sum up my experience with the yelli screamy. Before the yelli I had a carbon full suspension bike and I was hesitant to swap over to an aluminum hardtail... but I soon discovered that this is no ordinary hardtail. This bike is absolutely an all mountain, super capable, trail ripping rig that will reward you when pushed to what you think is its limit. My first experience with this bike was an 8 day trip to Fruita Colorado. I literally built the bike up, tore it down and shipped it off to reunite with it in Fruita. All my buddies and all the write ups on Fruita suggested that you need a full squish bike if you are going to ride Fruita seriously, but I don't think they've ridden a yelli screamy before. This bike and I dominated the trails, everything from the ribbon run to horsethief bench to Sarlacc and the 18 rd trails to western rim, it was 100% EPIC. Another thing I had read was that on climbs the front end had a tendency of wondering on the steeps, wrong this this went up like a demon possessed mountain goat, literally grip for days. I've been mountain biking for about 16 yrs and have always ridden full squish bikes, never even giving hardtails a consideration but like I said before this is no ordinary hardtail. The masterminds at Canfield Brothers have without a doubt done their homework on this one, and I would recommend to all those who don't believe me to throw a leg over a yelli screamy and see if all the limits of a hartail 29er aren't shattered. Thank you Canfield for delivering an amazing product, you have earned yet another satisfied and now loyal customer. (Posted on 10/8/2016)
Yee Haw! Review by elpeterino
this is the first mountain bike I've ever owned, and may be the last, depends on what the Canfield boys do next! I hurt my wrist working and could not ride cross for some time, so my buddy gave me a box of parts and and a sweet fork to build a 29" frame around. I never rode this bike, but heard a lot about it, so I bought it in hopes of getting exactly what I got. The yelli is a beast, it crushes down hill, takes corners super well, and feels so smooth and comfy. I live in Santa Cruz and am surrounded by some killer terrain, this bike has over 500miles on it in 3 months and I can't seem to get off it, it turned my cross bike into a commuter. This bike has seen Lake Tahoe, mammoth, and the lost coast for some good fun, so all in all, thanks Canfield bros, for making my free time the best time. (Posted on 9/20/2016)
29er convert Review by Wes Thorn
After borrowing a friends large Yelli Screamy for a couple weeks and logging about 75 miles on it, I decided I might stick with riding hardtail 29ers forever. After several failed attempts to get my friend to just sell me his complete bike, I was forced to buy my own. What I got was the brand spankin' new, hot off the presses 2015 Yelli with the new improvements to boot. The first ride was June 23 on my home trails in Portage, Indiana. The low ground was too wet to ride so I had to stick to the dryer areas. First a bit in my setup. It's pretty straightforward. I run a Manitou Tower fork with 140mm travel. Continental 2.4 inch wide tires with 30 psi in each, a single 30t gear in front, no bash guard, an 11/36 gear stack, Shimano Zee derailleur and shifter, Avid hydraulic brakes, a plain raceface seatpost(no dropper), raceface bars 28.5 inches wide and original crank bros. stainless steel egg beater pedals. No extra bells or whistles.
My first impression when I hit the dirt was "Wow this thing is responsive!" The guys at Canfield Brothers definitely got the geometry right in this bike. The chainstays are so short the rear tire looks like it's going to rub the seat tube(it doesn't) which results in pure agility going around corners. Climbs were never my favorite part of the trail but now they don't bother me a bit. The Yelli tears up the hills. I can climb most of the way up any hill in the saddle, only shifting my body over the bars on the real steep or rooty sections. , I forget it's a 29er until I hit an obstacle and it rolls over it smoothly and then I'm reminded. There's this thing I do sometimes where I'll let the front wheel hit an log pretty hard and make the fork's rebound bounce me and the bike up and over the log. With the Yelli's super short wheelbase, that maneuver is easier than ever.
I have a BMX background so jumping is something that is second nature, however all of the MTBs I have owned up till now have been no fun at all to jump with. I can't explain it, they just felt bad under me while airborne. I honestly expected the Yelli to feel the same but the first time I launched it, it felt right. Smooth, stable and no flex. Landings are confident and the speed maintains.
This will be the last hardtail I ever buy because I can't imagine anyone being able to improve on the 2015 Yelli.
(Posted on 7/3/2015)
One bike Review by Josh ndmb
I've ridden mtb's and nothing else for a little over 30yrs now. Raced xc and Dh , regardless of full sus, regardless of wheel size, the yelli is the best bike I ever owned and ridden. No matter how crap my day has been and my mood this thing puts a smile on my face. It blows everything else out the water (Posted on 12/26/2014)
Yelling, Screaming on everything Review by PeteV
I have one bike - the Yelli Screamy. It has done the Whole Enchilada, Phil's world, Phil's Trail and beyond, Trailside Bike Park, I-street Jumps, Canyons bike park, All of Mid-Mountain, The Crest, Thunder Mountain, Gooseberry… just to name a few that demonstrate the variety of trail I've been yelling and screaming on with this bike. Love it. (Posted on 11/12/2014)
Fun, Fun, Fun!! Review by Nathalie
This bike is awesome, plain and simple. I’m 5’3”, 100lbs and I never thought I’d find a 29’r that fits me so well. The geometry is such that it feels like a more comfortable, responsive and aggressive version of my 26.

From the first fitting, the Yelli fit like a well-worn glove. It took me all of 15 minutes to get the feel of how it handles vs my 26 and to fall in love with it. It is very responsive, seems to have a life of its own and somehow, it begs for more. I don’t think it knows what a bad line is, it rolls through and over with no argument, and it keeps on going. On the 26 I could roll through but it was much more of a struggle and I still had to pay close attention to where I was but with the Yelli, it’s more of a point, shoot and pedal. I find myself standing more so the bumps aren’t too bad and I didn’t feel any worse for wear on a rocky downhill section. Yeah, it bounces, it is aluminum and not a FS, but it’s also not nearly as or fire road and climbs like a goat, even on the rockier sections.

If you’re on the fence about this one, go for it. I’m so happy with my decision and the red ano is beautiful in the sun. (Posted on 11/10/2014)
nuff said Review by gregfrench
yelli plus i9s get ready for greatness kids (Posted on 9/26/2014)
Just that much fun Review by Dusty
I was one of the '26 for life' guys before I purchased this frame. Built it up with a 140mm PIke, 1x10 with a dropper post and this things blows away my 26in bikes. I can climb faster, descend faster, and am much more confident in the corners. I recently put a 35mm shorty stem on the bike and it brought it even more to life! Overall, I can go faster on the ups and downs and have a permagrin on my face the whole while. (Posted on 7/15/2014)
often imitated... Review by Brian
First I had a Kona Honzo, which was heavy and no 2x. Then I got real and bought this guy. Honestly, it's my favorite bike I've ever had. The short rear end means that the rear wheel hooks up any time you pedal, it's almost a challenge to get it to slip uphill. Mine is right under 25lbs, so the weight is right there with anything else. Yes it can climb.

But really the bike surprises you most on the downhill. Wow. I can loft the front wheel so easy and flick it anywhere I want. You can huck, or just slow roll drops, and always ride away.

Really only one possible way to improve this bike, Ti. At the end of the day it is a HT, and it is aluminum. Also the rear end is so compact, it's just ends up stiff. This isn't really a huge problem, until you realize this bike begs you to go faster and faster. So you do. Then your 30 yr old body wakes up and your back is wondering why you were shredding so hard without rear suspension.

Great bike guys, never retire it. (Posted on 6/25/2014)

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