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Canfield Bikes Toir

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2017 Toir - 29" All Mountain

The Canfield Bikes Toir pushes the big-wheel bar further than ever, boasting the most aggressive 29er geometry to hit a full-suspension trail bike to date. Coupling 140 millimeters (5.5 inches) of the revolutionary active and efficient patented Canfield Balance Formula suspension with 16.3-inch chainstays and the slack-and-low geometry Canfield Bikes is known for, the Toir is the most fun full-suspension 29er to ever hit the trail, up or down. Learn More.



● 29″ All Mountain / 140mm travel
● 7005 series aluminum
● Patented Canfield Balance Formula suspension
● 200mm x 57mm shock included*
● Short 414mm chainstays
● 142 x 12mm rear axle
● Stealth seatpost compatible
● Tapered headtube
● 15mm pivot bearings

*Our suspension frames are also available without a shock at a discount of $250.  If you are choosing to upgrade to a Push ElevenSix or DVO Jade coil rear shock, please email us with your rider weight so we can set the shock up with the proper spring rate.  Please note - Push and DVO Jade shocks will be shipped separately from your frame order.

Frame Packages:

Add any combination of these products to your frame order and receive the combined discount from each option. Discounts will be reflected in your shopping cart.

Option #1 - Frame and Headset
Canfield Brothers Toir and Headset
Add a Cane Creek 40 Series Headset to your frame order and receive the headset for $45, (regularly $62).
Cane Creek 40 Series Headset

Option #2 - Frame and Seatpost Clamp
Canfield Brothers Toir and Clamp
Add a Canfield Bikes Seatpost Clamp to your frame order and receive the seatpost clamp for $15, (regularly $19).
Seatpost Clamp

Option #3 - Frame and Pedals
Canfield Brothers Toir and Pedals
Add any of our Canfield Bikes Crampon Series Pedals to your frame order and receive a $20 discount on the package.
Crampon Pedals

Option #4 - Frame and Cranks
Canfield Brothers Toir and Cranks
Add a Canfield Bikes AM/DH Crank to your frame order and receive a $25 discount on the package.
AM/DH Cranks

Option #5 - Frame and Wheelset
Canfield Brothers Toir and Wheels
Add a Canfield Bikes Wheelset to your frame order and receive a $150 discount on the package.

Option #6 - Frame and Chain Guide
Canfield Brothers Balance and Guide
Add an MRP AMG V2 Chain Guide to your frame order and receive a $45 discount on the package.
MRP AMG V2 Guide

Option #7 - Frame and Dropper Post
Canfield Brothers Toir and Race Face Dropper Post
Add a Race Face Turbine Dropper Post to your frame order and receive a $150 discount on the package.
Race Face Turbine Dropper Post

Option #8 - Toir and RockShox Pike RTC3
Canfield Brothers Toir and Rock Shox Pike
Add a RockShox Pike to your frame order and receive a $360 discount on the package
RockShox Pike RCT3

Option #9 - Toir and DVO Diamond
Canfield Brothers Toir and DVO Diamond
Add a DVO Diamond to your frame order and receive a $250 discount on the package
DVO Diamond

Option #10 - Toir and MRP Stage
Canfield Brothers Toir and MRP Stage
Add a MRP Stage to your frame order and receive a $244 discount on the package.
MRP Stage

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Customer Reviews

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So THIS is what a 29er should feel like! Review by TomN
I've had my Riot for about a year now and I am totally blown away. Being totally honest, I was a little leery about the weight of the bike (bout 31 lbs with pedals) and initially it felt short...I'm 5'11" and I purchased a large. About 5 minutes into my first actual ride my concerns about the weight and fit were shattered by how remarkable and fun this bike is to ride.'ll have to keep reminding yourself that you are riding a 29er because...the way the bike corners and is akin to some of the more playful 26" wheel bikes I've owned. You can manual this bike for days! It is a trip to see the big wagon wheel spinning in front of you as you cruise down the trail on your rear wheel. Did I mention this thing corners like a beast? The way the rear suspension is designed it's like the rear tire is Velcro'ed to the trail. The bike also rolls WAY faster than anything I've ridden prior. I ride with a lot of guys who are on 27.5 bikes and my Riot is notably faster. They are constantly telling me it's like I am cheating because I can corner just as good as them but the bike takes off and holds momentum when the trail speeds up. I honestly can't say enough good things about this bike. I have been riding trail bikes for nearly 15 years and I have to say this is the best trail bike I've ever owned. It's not the's not carbon...but it is incredible. I'm able to be a serious competitor on this bike as well as just have an all around good time on it riding with friends. It's just a really killer bike. Don't let a lot of the market hype around carbon, boost, BB30/ 92, or whatever steer you away from this bike because...the Riot is on point. (Posted on 7/27/2017)
Perfect bike Review by Bryant
I've been riding my Riot... erm Toir for a year now and I have to say it is the best bike I've ever ridden. I've been through a lot of bikes. My wife makes fun of me. Bikes usually don't last a year with me. Every time I get the itch for a new bike I just go ride and am reaffirmed that I could not possibly have more fun on any other bike.

It gets to the top of the mountain just fine. I have a rockshox coil on there and I never have missed a lockout switch. The efficiency is really quite remarkable. The geometry is dialed I rarely feel the front end wander and can keep a nice neutral position on the bike at all times.

On the downhill this bike is killer. I've taken it down Porcupine Rim, Captain Ahab, Wasatch Crest. I once rode Porcupine Rim on a Yeti 303rdh and this bike was more confident and comfortable which speaks volumes for what the brothers have done. It is nimble, flickable, yet can charge through super nasty bits of trail. I've never had a bike that can do both so well.

I've never been much of a jumper. Still not. But this bike is way more comfortable than any 29er I've ridden when the wheels do leave the ground. I find myself looking for any little feature to jump off. I probably turn a lot of heads as a full grown man maniacally laughing has he zips down the trail. THIS BIKE IS THAT GOOD!!!

This bike is fun. Plain and simple. I don't ride to compete, or be the fastest up or down. I ride for the joy of the sport and if that sounds like you I guarantee you cannot buy another bike that will make you feel more joy.

Well done Canfield Brothers. You have made a lifetime customer out of me. I was really nervous to buy a bike sight unseen but it is really the best purchase I feel I have ever made. (Posted on 7/15/2017)
The Riot ROCKS Review by mayha
This bike is something else!! Absolutely loving all aspects of riding it...The tech climbing is simply ridiculous. (Posted on 3/30/2016)
RIOT! Review by mayha
The pedal platform on the Riot is pretty remarkable and the way it opens up when going downhill is a pretty genius suspension design. The bike feels like climbing with wind at your back. Also, and this was a big concern for me moving from 26 to 29", mashing up rock faces when at a standstill is excellent. I was concerned about turning over the pedals in steep tech sections at slow speed, but it excels in this aspect as well. I can't say anything negative about this bike!! (Posted on 2/25/2016)
Mega Riot Review by Pierremaison
I waited three months for this frame to arrive in the Uk and rode it for the first time today. In a quick 12 mile shake down loop of my local trails it has blown me away, it climbs better than my SC Ltc which it has now replaced and descends like a mad thing. Build quality is fantastic (I have the raw finish) and the cable routing is very well thought out. If you love 29ers but want something that feels a lot more nimble this is the frame for you. Buy one now...Canfield Bros have nailed it. (Posted on 9/10/2015)

5 Item(s)

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