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Canfield Bikes 27.5" Jedi

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2017 27.5 Jedi - 27.5" DH

One of the most revered downhill bikes on the market, the legendary Canfield Bikes Jedi is a two-wheeled weapon engineered to destroy the roughest tracks in the world. With a gravity pedigree refined through years of racing and riding, the latest generation is more dialed than ever. Learn More.



● 27.5” Downhill / 228mm travel
● 7005 aluminum
● Formula 1 Suspension with 3″ rearward travel
● Titanium idler pulley cog
● Low maintenance 20mm pivots and Enduro Max bearings
● Extra rear derailleur hanger included
● Anodized and factory raw frame options
● Available in Small, Medium and Large

*Our suspension frames are also available without a shock at a discount of $250. Please email us for details.

Frame Packages:

Add any combination of these products to your frame order and receive the combined discount from each option. Discounts will be reflected in your shopping cart.

Option #1 - Frame and Headset
Canfield Brothers Jedi and Headset
Add a Cane Creek 40 Series Headset to your frame order and receive the headset for $45, (regularly $62).
Cane Creek 40 Series Headset

Option #2 - Frame and Seatpost Clamp
Canfield Brothers Jedi and Clamp
Add a Canfield Bikes Seatpost Clamp to your frame order and receive the seatpost clamp for $15, (regularly $19).
Seatpost Clamp

Option #3 - Frame and Pedals
Canfield Brothers Jedi and Pedals
Add any of our Canfield Bikes Crampon Series Pedals to your frame order and receive a $20 discount on the package.
Crampon Pedals

Option #4 - Frame and Cranks
Canfield Brothers Jedi and Cranks
Add a Canfield Bikes AM/DH Crank to your frame order and receive a $25 discount on the package.
AM/DH Cranks

Option #5 - Frame and Wheelset
Canfield Brothers Jedi and Wheels
Add a Canfield Bikes 27.5" Wheelset to your frame order and receive a $100 discount on the package.
27.5" DH Wheelsets

Option #6 - Jedi and BOS Idylle FCV
Canfield Brothers Jedi BOS Idylle DCV
Add a BOS Idylle to your frame order and receive a $850 discount on the package.
BOS Idylle FCV

Option #7 - Jedi and DVO Emerald
Canfield Brothers Limited Edition DVO Emerald Jedi
Add a DVO Emerald to your frame order and receive a $950 discount on the package.
DVO Emerald

Option #8 - Jedi and Rock Shox Boxxer World Cup
Canfield Brothers Jedi and rock Shox Boxxer WC
Add a RockSox Boxxer WC to your frame order and receive a $700 discount on the package.
Rock Shox Boxxer WC

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Customer Reviews

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Great Suspension Design Review by Ian Norris
The 2015 Canfield Jedi was the first downhill bike that I ever owned, I I got the bike in the summer of 2015 to help get my racing career kick started. When I first got the bike I was 16 years old and had only done three races, I was a slow and tentative Cat 3 racer, this was about to change. After only 2 downhill race seasons on the Jedi, I have moved from a tentative Cat3 rider to an aggressive Pro racer. The Jedi gives you so much confidense as a rider. The rear suspension design povides perfect small bump sesitivity while also eating up rock gardens. Not only does the bike plow through rock gardens with ease, but It also pedals extremly well, other downhill bikes compromise small bump sensitivity for pedling efficiency or vise versa. Overall the Canfield Jedi is an amazing bike that is perfect for downhill racing! (Posted on 1/27/2017)
Fast Racing Machine Review by Honey Badger
I've spent a year on my Jedi and love this bike. I always feel like it's got my back as it's pulled me out of some pretty hairy situations. Hard cases? Chundery rocks? Sketchy tight corners? My Jedi has come through for me over and over again.

And when I'm actually riding well, we are a smooth functioning race machine. It accelerates through rock gardens well, picks up speed quickly, and feels stable at high speed road sections. It also feels confident on steep trail.

This bike like to go fast and that's where it shines.

After a whole race season (through all kinds of messy mud, fine dust, and rain) I opened up the pivot bearings to check on them and they were sealed so well that they looked new on the inside. I'm impressed that aside from a few scratches I've put on the frame, that it's holding up so well to my abuse. (Posted on 3/25/2016)
LOVING IT Review by Mike Mooney
The bike is super fast. Trying to get the courage up to really stretch out its legs. It can handle as much speed as you can throw at it. So smooth, takes the chunder out of the chunder. What surprises me is how a 650b bike is so nimble. Can take the tech twisty of cypress but is still super fast. I am having a lot of fun. Loving it.

(Posted on 3/3/2015)
27.5 Jedi Review by Anthony M
The first thing I noticed about the bike is how smooth and maneuverable it is! The Jedi is very playful. It's as nimble as a 7 inch bike but floats over anything! First run was incredibly fast, so fast that I almost wanted to slow down! I freaking love this bike! (Posted on 2/24/2015)
Nimble, Fast & Confidence Inspiring Review by AndyinAshland
My first ride was a shuttle down Mt Ashland---I took a very familiar route to compare it to other bikes I have ridden down Mount Ashland. It is very stable at high speed---the first part of the ride is a wide open but choppy downhill where you can get it over 40mph. The Jedi soaked up whatever I pointed it at and kept truckin'. It felt very smooth and stable at speed---felt very much in control.

Next part of the ride was a flowy, downhill singletrack with some chunk thrown in. The Jedi was very nimble in the corners--very easy to lean it in corners and keep up your speed. There are a few rock gardens that you can get the rear hung up in but this time through the Jedi sailed through no problem---My friend riding behind commented on how smooth I looked in the rough sections.

A little further down the mountain there are some pumpy, bumpy type trail along with some jumps----one section has a step down that leads into a nice table. No problems on either one---very predictable in the air and gave me a lot of confidence.

Towards the bottom of the mountain there's some more high speed trail with some small jumps and some flattish corners. I clocked the fastest times I have ever clocked on those sections.

Finally there's a fairly steep run that spits out at my house (averages -25 percent) that is rutted and loose. I again clocked the fastest times I have ever had riding that section of trail.

My Canfield One was an awesome bike but this Jedi is on a whole different planet in regards to downhill riding. I can wait to get on my Jedi again.

Also, the Canfield Brothers have excellent service---they respond quickly to emails and if you call them during business hours, they will answer the phone. (Posted on 6/16/2014)
2014 Jedi Reviewed Review by Demo9
So ill preface this review by saying that I am a fan of the "high pivot" bikes, and I ride primarily on the East Coast. At some time or another, my mom has bought me many different bikes to try , and I have plenty of seat time on most of them. 5'11", plenty porky and like to jump. Here we go!

So to start out, the new Jedi takes alot from the old jedi, particularly the 2010. It still has 2.5 inches of rearward which just destroys bumps, but it now gets a travel boost to 9 inches vert due to a longer and remounted shock. The head angle has been slacked out to 63, although you would never know it, and lastly, the TT gained 12.5 to make it "properly" sized.

The build.
It goes together nice, and there is really nothing any different from any other bike. I built mine with Bos suspension, and mostly shimano parts, with the exception of canfield cranks and pedals, and i9 wheels. Cockpit is full deity with a renthal bar. Weight came in at about 38 lbs. Bike can definitely be lighter, as i did not take weight into consideration one bit when i built it.

The ride.
After owning 4 already, I basically knew what I had expected. Now that it is sitting lower than a demo and about as slack, lead me to think that the new jedi was just going to be a gigantic plow bike with limited line choice. This was a very wrong assumption. It took all the good stuff from the older bikes, and just added to their legacy. It gained a ton of ground in cornering, which while its always been short, was my personal "let-down" of the previous jedi bikes that I had owned. I never considered them bad, but I always felt that they were capable of more (or at least wanted more) The 14 jedi became slacker and longer-two things which really should hurt cornering. That said, I was told when i got it by the bros that it was more nimble. (surely i thought they were full of **** ) After the first ride, It was apparent that it was much more nimble than the older versions. To this day, I cannot figure out how or why it works, but it just grabbed cornering skills straight from a demo. I never imagined it could turn and cut as hard as it can-despite having a bunch of rearward travel. The new Geo and added travel really work nicely with eachother and the result is super rewarding when you are slamming tight corners, especially if they are rocky. One thing that I noticed this weekend particularly was (for your creek locals) in a trail called waterboy, there is a section of mostly flat tight turns littered with roots and rocks, fairly steep that end in a 90 degree root corner into a slight uphill. I have ridden this trail 100s of times over the last 5 years. This weekend when I was taking the new canfield through it i came to the realization of just how sick this bike is. It was nimble enough to get into all the good pockets and stout enough to hold the traction. I came into the last root pocket before the uphill and the bike just dropped it and boosted out of it with more speed than ive ever been able to do. Hurling me into the uphill. It did this every run, blowing my mind each any every time.

The jedi jumps plenty well for a downhill bike. I would say that the new one is about as poppy as the old one, but much more predictable. I would like to blame that on a more linear leverage curve, but will leave that to the E-designers to clarify. It doesnt buck over the bars ever, and it doesnt drop out either. (cough cough 08) I have personally found that the new canfield seems to pick up better on natural on trail "hits" than some of the older ones have-which were not bad by any means. It could be that the added travel gives a little more pop out of or into the rocks, but the new one certainly does offer more; regardless of how it does it. It is important to notice now however that since its very low, you have to be a litle careful what you jump into, because the suspension is very smooth, and wont warn you about it.

Rocks are not even a concern as anybody who has owned a jedi will tell you. Most recently coming off of a zerode, considered by many the king of high pivots, the jedi was just as good, without the added 8 lbs. The added travel and slacker head angle just blow square edge hits and rock gardens out of the water. For a "little" bike, it offers alot of bite in the rough stuff. If you are coming off of a generic pivot bike, prepare to be alarmed. It will not slow down... At all... ever....

Some of the high points of the bike are certainly a suspension design that is so efficient it is hard to describe on the internet, as well as somehow having plowing capabilities and nimbleness that science says cant co-exist. The package is really incredible and really offers a ton of technology not offered by other manufacturers. It is a bit hard to get used to the lowness of the bike, and I have really become more of a pilot than a passenger, especially when it comes to keeping the pedals angled in corners and tech sections. However, canfield offers the thinnest pedal out and 155 cranks to go with it should you need. What you end up with in the end is a racebike that is reliable as the day is long, and just an absolute blast to ride down the mountain. The more you put in the more you get out, it really is an incredible bike.

Yes, I am a fanboy (Posted on 6/13/2014)
Outstanding Performance Review by Lorin Whitaker
Last weekend I finally rode my new Jedi and I felt like I was riding a “super bike”. The changes made to this year’s bike create a ride that has such an incredibly zesty personality and Canfield Brothers really took their DH bike to the next level! The feel of the new front end, offers a bike that is stable and comfortable to ride at high speeds, and feels totally natural in super steep, gnarly and loose terrain. The cockpit is more open, and I was able to ride really low and aggressive, having more control, which is great for jumping. The "poppy" feel of the Jedi makes a bike that wants to boost everything! Doing most of my riding in Virgin, UT I love the bottomless feel of having 9" plus 2.5" rear wheel travel. A confidence inspiring bike that makes me want to go faster and bigger! One thing that I love about the new Jedi is that the rear end is so playful. The 16" chainstay feels much shorter, more nimble and snappy. This is awesome for doing tricks and jumping as well as racing! I am blown away by the performance of the 2014 Jedi. I’m definitely impressed with the Canfield Brothers this year, not only by the Jedi but the array of products they have introduced in 2014! (Posted on 3/18/2014)

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