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Canfield Bikes Balance

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Balance - 27.5" Aggressive All Mountain

Long before the “E” word, we had our own idea of what an all-mountain bike should be - just as capable of flagrant disregard for line choice and taking big hits in stride as it is of getting you to the top under your own power. The Canfield Bikes Balance is perhaps the purest form of that yet—an aggressive all-mountain machine that’s just as at home in the bike park as it is earning it on a backcountry epic or blazing first descents. Learn More.


  • Ÿ27.5” Aggressive All Mountain / 165mm travel
  • Ÿ7005 aluminum with an all new, stiff CNC'd upper link
  • ŸPatented Canfield Balance Formula Suspension
  • Ÿ216mm x 63mm shock included*
  • Ÿ142 x 12mm rear dropouts, axle included
  • ŸTapered headtube
  • Ÿ15mm pivot bearings
  • ŸReplaceable rear derailleur hanger, spare hanger included
  • ŸAnodized and factory raw frame options
  • ŸAvailable in Small, Medium, Large and X-Large

*Our suspension frames are also available without a shock at a discount of $250.  If you are choosing to upgrade to a Push ElevenSix or DVO Jade coil rear shock, please email us with your rider weight so we can set the shock up with the proper spring rate.  Please note - Push and DVO Jade shocks will be shipped separately from your frame order.

Frame Packages:

Add any combination of these products to your frame order and receive the combined discount from each option. Discounts will be reflected in your shopping cart.

Option #1 - Frame and Headset
Canfield Brothers Balance and Headset
Add a Cane Creek 40 Series Headset to your frame order and receive the headset for $45, (regularly $62).
Cane Creek 40 Series Headset

Option #2 - Frame and Seatpost Clamp
Canfield Brothers Balance and Clamp
Add a Canfield Bikes Seatpost Clamp to your frame order and receive the seatpost clamp for $15, (regularly $19).
Seatpost Clamp

Option #3 - Frame and Pedals
Canfield Brothers Balance and Pedals
Add any of our Canfield Bikes Crampon Series Pedals to your frame order and receive a $20 discount on the package.
Crampon Pedals

Option #4 - Frame and Cranks
Canfield Brothers Balance and Cranks
Add a Canfield Bikes AM/DH Crank to your frame order and receive a $25 discount on the package.
AM/DH Cranks

Option #5 - Frame and Wheelset
Canfield Brothers Balance and Wheels
Add a Canfield Bikes 27.5" Wheelset to your frame order and receive a $150 discount on the package.

Option #6 - Frame and Chain Guide
Canfield Brothers Balance and Guide
Add an MRP AMg V2 Chain Guide to your frame order and receive a $45 discount on the package.
MRP AMg V2 Guide

Option #7 - Frame and Dropper Post
Canfield Brothers Balance and Race Face Dropper Post
Add a Race Face Turbine Dropper Post to your frame order and receive a $150 discount on the package.
Race Face Turbine Dropper Post

Option #8 - Balance DVO Diamond
Canfield Brothers LE Balance/DVO Diamond and Jade
Add a DVO Diamond to your frame order and receive a $250 discount on the package.
DVO Diamond

Option #9 - Balance and Rock Shox Lyrik
Canfield Brothers Balance and Rock Shox Lyrik
Add a RockShox Lyrik to your frame order and receive a $305 discount on the package.
Rock Shox Lyrik RCT3

Option #10 - Balance and MRP Stage
Canfield Brothers Balance and MRP Stage
Add a MRP Stage to your frame order and receive a $244 discount on the package.
MRP Stage

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Customer Reviews

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Balance Review by Andy, Bellingham WA
Awesome and inspiring bike. Have had my balance for a few months and it still blowing me away on how it's so forgiving and nimble.
It rides like a dream and bounces, jumps and hops over things smoothly and climbs like a mountain goat on steroids. Rear suspension is a piece or art and engineering.
Also the guys at Canfield are really helpful and great to work with while your building your bike. My experience with them and this bike has been has me sold on Canfield Brothers and now I want another one.
Thanks, Chris, Vin and Sean for all the help and expertise. (Posted on 2/18/2017)
Amazing Bike Review by Neil T
Thought I would just drop you an email on what an amazing bike you've designed (Posted on 9/26/2016)
Balance Review Review by Vital MTB
"In a world where many bikes claim to be jacks of all trades, the Canfield stands apart thanks to its superb technical climbing performance, especially among those that prefer to rally on the way down."

Check Vitalmtb for full review -,7/Canfield-Brothers/Balance,13425#product-reviews/2009 (Posted on 2/6/2015)
Balance Review by F.I.T.nj
What I'm most impressed with is how incredibly well this Bike pedals. I've read about the "magical" Canfield suspension for quite a long time so I expected it to be good...But I'm pretty amazed. On fireroad and non-tech climbs it gives up little if anything to my Altitude which was a much lighter bike and no where near the descender the Balance is. The suspension has a great platform for my stand and hammer climbing style. (Posted on 10/24/2014)
Balance! Review by Mad Elk Cycles
Hi guys, I just came back from first riding session. The bike just blew me away. the suspension makes it ultimate mini dh platform. It is so snappy in corners even with 27.5. When Jumping, it feels like there is no end of travel in it. Here is few photos we put together with my friend. (Posted on 9/4/2014)
Balance Review by Brain
I was fortunate to ride a production ready 2014 Canfield Balance on some of my favorite trails on Galbraith Mtn. in Bellingham, WA recentIy. I can say this bike has the PERFECT name! It is a truly 'Balanced' bike that both climbs like a crazed goat, but descends like a DH bike possessed!

First off, I've been riding MTB's for 25 years. I both ride all mountain and DH whenever I can. I love jumps, berms and any trails that has nice flow. My daily, all mountain-enduro ride is a 2011 Specialized Enduro EVO which I freaking love. But, it is not the best climbing tool in the quiver. I've been really interested in getting on a new, modern 650B to see what all the hype was about and jumped at the chance to shred their new steed.

The Canfield Balance for me felt a touch 'taller' in he saddle than my same sized 26" bike. The specs of both the Enduro and Balance are pretty evenly matched in geometry and size which to me speaks volumes. However, with the slightly extra height of the Balance over my EVO, I was able to climb over roots and attack steep sections just that much easier. It rolled over things with ease over my 26" wheeled machine. It wasn't as a profound difference as riding a DH bike for the first time, or say a 29" wheeled bike; rather, it just felt 'better' than the 26" bike I am used to.

Of course, I am always willing to sacrifice a bit of climbing ease for a bike that rails downhill. But with this bike I felt I was sacrificing nothing on both the uphill climb and the downhill decent. It plowed through corners and bumps easier than the 26" wheeled bike I am used to. The speed this bike generates was pretty sick. Every jump and drop I had ridden numerous times before was just that much faster and seemed to flow easier. My absolute only complaint on that ride, and I feel it was only because it was my first time on a 650B, was I felt the bike was just a tad bit slower to pick up off the line coming out of a corner than my 26" counterpart. Again, I felt this was attributed more from my history of riding 26" wheeled bikes rather than the 650B. I'm sure with a few more rides on the Balance I would feel as it was as good and likely better. The bike I rode was spec'd with a 1x10 with a 32t ring in the front. I would probably have opted for a 30t ring as I like to 'spin' a little easier up hill. However, that is more a personal preference of a rider and easily a switchable thing to do to the bike.

Overall, I loved the bike. The boys at Canfield know bikes, and what a ripping bike should feel like and it certainly showed that knowledge through their first 650B bike! This was as close as a bike can get between being a decent climbing bike, and an all out bomber DH bike. Thanks for letting me shred this super sick bike guys! I want one bad!

Bellingham, WA (Posted on 6/16/2014)
Balance Review by LW
The idea behind the Balance was to create a lightweight, durable and more versatile bike that is appealing to riders as “the one bike that does it all.” The Balance is Canfield Brothers’ first foray into 27.5-inch wheels. The ability to effortlessly climb and pedal gives the bike a feeling of freedom; I immediately noticed this on the pedal to the top of Bootleg Canyon. Between the larger wheels and efficient CBF suspension, it was like having a bike that felt as if it was pedaling itself with the rolling characteristics of a 29er while still handling similar to a 26er.

Bootleg is known for its gnarly terrain and the Balance definitely held up. Charging into the more steep, technical sections on Boyscout with 27.5-inch wheels, progressively slack geometry and 160 millimeters of travel front and rear gave me near the confidence of being on a big bike. Getting up to speed I found that with CBF the bike tracks, corners and maintains speed similar to my Jedi. With the larger wheels of the Balance, I never got caught up in rocky sections; I found myself doubling sections and smoothly rolling over everything, carrying more momentum and gaining more speed.

- See more at:|-Canfield-Brothers-Balance-Review.html#sthash.XHJGrqvs.dpuf (Posted on 3/22/2014)

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