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Canfield Brothers Crampon Ultimate Pedals

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Crampon Ultimate

*Free shipping on all Crampon Pedal orders to the U.S. and Canada!

The original ultra-thin flat pedal evolved, the Canfield Brothers Crampon Ultimate is our thinnest platform, featuring patented convex shape, ultra-thin leading edges and double sided pins.


● 342 grams 
● Thin 6mm front impact edges
● 105mm x 105mm wide platforms 
● Polished, anodized finish
● DU bushings 
● Chromoly axle 
● Replaceable dual sided pins 
● Patented convex shape

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Great Pedals For The Price Review by Parmageddon
The Good: Lightweight / Thin
Great grips

The Bad: Pins need Loctite
Will rip your shins up
Bearings / Bushings don't seem that great
Overall Review:

These pedals are incredibly thin, reasonably light, and come in at a great price point. They hold on to your feet really well, but allow you to adjust easily when needed. I've found that I climb just as fast with these pedals as with clips because you can pull up so far into the pedal stroke.

The badness: the bearings or bushings don't seem like they're sealed that well and have developed a small amount of play in a relatively short amount of time. They also don't spin as freely as I would have hoped. Be warned tho, you need to Loctite the pins in place. I probably lost half of the pins in the first two rides and didn't have any pedal strikes. Luckily Canfield supplies you with extra pins so it wasn't that big of a deal.

Great pedals, love the color, still using them on several different bikes.
(Posted on 11/29/2013)
Crampon Ultimates Review by J Michael Short
So two days after the pedals arrived I packed them up and took them out to the Lake Tahoe area for 3 days of riding; 2 days of cross country riding on Tahoe Rim Trail and 1 day pure DH at Northstar. I loved my experience using them on these great days of riding and they generated a fair amount of interest, especially at the rental places where I put them on bike I was renting. What really convinced me was my experience when I got back to San Antonio.

After 3 days of riding the Crampon Ultimate pedals, I hopped on a different bike to runs some errands around town and I was shocked at how different my old flats felt, and how less efficient my pedaling was on the old traditional flats. The convex platform of the Canfields makes for a much rounder and more powerful pedal motion and allows much faster spinning as well!

I am thoroughly sold on the superiority of Canfield Brothers Ultimate pedals!! Thank you!! (Posted on 9/5/2013)
Canfield Brothers Crampon Ultimate Review by Vital MTB
Simply saying that these pedals are thin doesn’t do them justice – you need to feel how thin they are to believe it. Traction pins with allen heads on both sides mean that just because you damage a pin, you can still easily unthread it from the pedal body from the opposite side. Each pedal is clearly marked with an “L” or “R” on the body, which makes installation incredibly easy, unless you don’t know right from left.
Canfield Brothers says that having a super-thin, 6mm thick leading edge leads to less pedal strikes and more efficient pedaling - and I have to agree with that statement. Riding with such a thin pedal makes pedaling up your favorite trail less of a chore because you can concentrate a bit more on spinning rather than just mashing climbs like the hulk. Experiencing a leading edge strike with these pedals is going to take some serious skill – if you ride with a soft rubber shoe, like Five Tens, your shoe will probably hit the ground before any metal ever does – they are that thin. Chamfered outside edges also give a bit of added insurance that your pedal won’t hang up if you clip it on an obstacle as well as give the pedals a sleeker, smoother, more thought out appearance. The generous platform size is massive for a pedal so light and is large enough to give riders with bigger feet plenty of real estate for a comfortable ride. (Posted on 8/5/2013)
C2 Crampon Mag Review by BillJ
Experienced rider, been in clips for 20 yrs - now changing to flats, enjoy XC/AM, FR, and light DH all on one bike - Ibis HD 180/160.
Ride up 75% of time, shutte 25%. Using Five Ten VXi Freerider shoes. Only previous flats experience was with Specialized Lo Pro Mag 2 (circa 2007) About 25 hrs on the C2 pedals so far, over a dozen shuttle laps and 10 AM rides.
Excellent all round. Tried 10mm pins on one side and 8 mm on other to seek out right amount of stick vs foot reposition ability. For all out DH 10mm's great. For trail riding, slow techy climbing, shore feature rides etc I like the ease of repositioning of the 8mm pins. I'll likley end up with combo of mostly 10 mm with some 8's in mid foot to increase shoe to pedal body connection. I don't see any benefit or disbenefit of convex (vs typical concave) other than the obvious than the thinner leading edge is beneficial for clearance. On that note I had a few pedal bumps/strikes but no issue at all (i.e foot/shoe would of hit even in clips). Appears you can set the preload for less spinning (no firt dirt jump tricks) to easy spinning (perceived less resistance for long trail rides). they have a few hits and scratches but nothing so far that affects the pins or integrity of the pedal. Clearly Mag is softer than the aluminum ones - but for me I don't think it will significantly shorten the life of the pedal - and do appreciate the lighter weight for trail riding. Have not needed to pull apart to clean/regrease yet - but seems straightforward. Like them so much we ordered another pair for my wife's trail bike.
Great personal service from the Canfield crew. Sean was super helpful by phone. (Posted on 6/13/2013)
Strongest, Thinnest, Best! Review by Carlos
This is by far the best peddal I have ridden. Its strong, light and very thin. Its cool to see people gawk at them and wonder in amazement how they could be so thin yet so strong. I have a different set of pedals on my other bike and it seems like pedal strikes are more frequent. with these pedals I dont think I have ever hit a rock even when Im not paying attention to m,y line. I want to buy another set and will shell out the 150 bucks their worth it. (Posted on 4/16/2013)

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