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Canfield Bikes Crampon Magnesium Pedals

The lightest pedal in our lineup.

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Crampon Magnesium

The lightest pedal in our lineup, the Canfield Bikes Crampon Magnesium comes in at a staggering 280 grams and shares many of the features that make our Crampon Ultimate one of the best pedals on the market, including our thinnest platform, patented convex shape, ultra-thin leading edges and double sided pins.


● 280 grams
● Thin, 6mm front impact edges
● 105mm x 105mm wide magnesium platforms
● Painted finish
● DU bushings
● Chromoly axle
● Replaceable dual sided pins
● Patented convex shape

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Customer Reviews

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The best Review by Drick
They make clipless seem weird and old fashioned. I've hit them hard on bottom side rock strikes and they are still perfect. (Posted on 4/29/2016)
The search is over. Review by Matt
I'm not one to leave reviews unless the product really stands out as exceptionally bad or exceptionally good. These warrant a review.

Shipping was exceptionally fast. I went to pick up the mail not remotely expecting the pedals to be here yet and there they were. I'm in Ca and ordered on a Friday afternoon. I received them on Tuesday.

The first thing I noticed when picking up the package was that it felt too light. It crossed my mind for a split second that maybe they forgot one of the pedals. To my relief both pedals were there plus an additional set of pins which I did not expect. We all know they're light at 280g but the numbers don't prepare you for just how light they are in real life.

The pictures don't do justice to their thinness. Now that my shoe is just as likely to strike as the pedal, there's truly no need for a thinner pedal.

Most importantly and what kept me from buying them sooner is the convex design. It made no sense until I rode them. Traction is better than any other pedal I've tried and they work with a wider range of shoes than any other, but more importantly the convex design feels more natural. It feels less like pedaling and more like walking. Comfort is greatly increased, especially on long rides. They also fit my size 13 wide feet well. While it doesn't happen often, these are far less likely to roll under foot than others.

Eventually the masses will have to stop assuming concave and flat are the way to go for everyone and rethink what they think they know. I knew in the first 30 seconds of riding that these were special and it's not likely I will go back to a concave/flat design.

While subjective, these are the best looking pedals I've owned. Not as subjective is that they do not look like a cookie cutter rebranded pedal like so many do. They are unique. Time will tell how the finish and the bushings will hold up. I'm 240lbs so I will thoroughly test them. Only one rock strike and it was from cutting a corner too sharp right into a rock.

I had my doubts that any pedal could be worth $200 but these check all the boxes and for that, they're worth it. (Posted on 9/26/2015)
More than just a pedal Review by Mike G
It is one thing to purchase a high quality pedal for your MTB rig and have it perform to expectations and beyond. When customer service is there to match these high standards, a relationship for life is created. Go ahead and upgrade your riding experience with the understanding Canfield is there to support and back their products in a way only truly elite companies can.

#Vin, Sean, Canfield Customer Service (Posted on 7/29/2015)
Dominate Review by Luke B.
These pedals are the best i have every ridden - i have been through many. I cannot believe how tough they are, holding up well through constant rock bashing in my local playground. Exceptional strength, awesome to pedal. I use them for my all mountain bike - they climb like crazy and they rip like crazy. (Posted on 10/20/2014)
Best pedals on the market Review by Trailfu
Many companies have attempted low profile flats, but only Canfield has mastered the design, function and durability and in doing so they have engineered a truly great product. They are hands down the best pedals on the market.

Once you ride these you will never want to ride another flat (or clip in again for that matter). After putting thousands of miles on these pedals, I can honestly say they have exceeded any other pedal I have used, plus they look great. (Posted on 8/3/2014)
Excellent grip, functional bling Review by AndyinAshland
I recently switched from clipless to flats (again!) and this time I picked up a setup for crampon magnesium pedals. These pedals look like a work of art----but they are functional works of art. The grip is incredible--I wore some 5-10's with these pedal and no slips going down the mountain. Jumps, step downs---no problems. It made switching back to flats painless and very easy. I ended up buying a 2nd set for my new downhill bike. Nice job Bros! (Posted on 6/14/2014)
Crampon Mag Review by Theartist
The Good: Everything! Can't find a single thing bad...

The Bad: Just wished I was able to give these away to my bro's as Christmas stocking stuffers..

Overall Review:

incredibly Light, beefed up where needs to be, just the right amount of pedal surface area, well-thought out pin placement and choice of pins, superior bearings, ultra thin, sexy look, can take a beating, and most importantly, they work amazing! Tried all other pedals. Canfield has the midas touch, their products are top notch! You won't regret investing in a pair of these!
(Posted on 11/29/2013)
Canfield Brothers Crampon Magnesium Review by Vital MTB
Simply saying that these pedals are thin doesn’t do them justice – you need to feel how thin they are to believe it. Traction pins with allen heads on both sides mean that just because you damage a pin, you can still easily unthread it from the pedal body from the opposite side. Each pedal is clearly marked with an “L” or “R” on the body, which makes installation incredibly easy, unless you don’t know right from left.
Canfield Brothers says that having a super-thin, 6mm thick leading edge leads to less pedal strikes and more efficient pedaling - and I have to agree with that statement. Riding with such a thin pedal makes pedaling up your favorite trail less of a chore because you can concentrate a bit more on spinning rather than just mashing climbs like the hulk. Experiencing a leading edge strike with these pedals is going to take some serious skill – if you ride with a soft rubber shoe, like Five Tens, your shoe will probably hit the ground before any metal ever does – they are that thin. Chamfered outside edges also give a bit of added insurance that your pedal won’t hang up if you clip it on an obstacle as well as give the pedals a sleeker, smoother, more thought out appearance. The generous platform size is massive for a pedal so light and is large enough to give riders with bigger feet plenty of real estate for a comfortable ride.
(Posted on 8/5/2013)
Low profile and great grip Review by RickInHouston
Was able to order a pair right as they were going up on their site. Great low profile design. Excellent grip in street sneakers. Great looking pedal. Looks nice on my Cannondale Bad Boy 1. (Posted on 4/8/2013)

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