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BOS Idylle FCV37

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BOS Idylle RaRe FCV 27 Making its World Cup debut in Meribel, France, the new IDYLLE RaRe is now equipped with FCV technology. The FCV is a smart system able to recognize if the compression is coming from the rider’s effort applied to the bars or an impact to the wheel. The Frequency Control Valve makes the distinction between the two, at the same time the FCV will filter a wider range of shock coming to the fork.

REDESIGNED CHASSIS The chassis redesign is mostly due to the increased popularity of the 650B wheel size on the DH circuit. The increased stanchions’ diameter – from 36mm to 37mm – improves the overall stiffness just enough to counter any extra stress generated by the larger 27.5” wheel size. We also redesigned the casting to improve tire clearance..

INCREASED TRAVEL The redesigned IDYLLE RaRe FCV now offers 208mm of smooth travel. Even though 8mm seems like a small increase in travel, it‘s all that was necessary to obtain the progressivity we were looking for.

NEW HYDRAULIC BUMP STOP The IDYLLE RaRe FCV is now equipped with our latest generation hydraulic bump stop. We made a great performing hydraulic bump stop even better. Our world cup racers were already very impressed with the progressivity of the bump stop. However, tests performed on the test bench showed a visible transition when the bump stop would come in action. The new bump stop features a longer curve and is more progressive to the point of being hard to detect even on the test bench.

NEW AIR CARTRIDGE The most important change is that the air cartridge is now independent from the stanchion. By the doing this, it allows the fork to flex a little without putting pressure on the air cartridge. The result is a more sensitive and more accurate fork even under stress.


● Wheel size - 27.5"
● Adjustments - Hi and low speed compression
● Damper - Open bath
● Travel - 208mm
● Spring - Air
● Offset - 27.5"-56mm
● Stanchion - Black 37mm
● Weight - 2680

*BOS just announced QBP will now be their US service and distribution center. What this means is we will full support here with the largest US suspension service center handling all repair and servicing for BOS in the US

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